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Work at home: Decoration tips for a comfortable work space

Working from home is the daily life of more and more people and offers many advantages, in particular the fact of being able to arrange his workspace to his taste. Warm and cozy atmosphere or on the contrary, strict and refined, according to your needs. A well-being atmosphere will clearly improve the quality of work.

Here are some tips for cleverly setting up your work space at home.

Choose a space in which you feel good

This may seem so obvious but it is necessary to remember it. You have to find a place in the house where you feel comfortable to work serenely. Bet on a bright space, near a window or a source of natural light, but also isolated from noise.

Brightness is an important thing, especially in the positioning of the furniture. The desk, for example, should be positioned to make the most of natural light. To avoid light reflections, it is recommended to place the screen parallel to the window. If the light is too dazzling, use curtains or blinds to dim it.

Visually demarcate a space

If you do not have a separate room that can be used as an office, you will have to find a way to easily identify your office in order to feel in a personalized space. You can start by visually marking the space by using trendy wallpaper or colorful paint. Small spaces are not left out because there are foldable desks to save square meters: shelf to be fixed to the wall, flap wall desk, retractable desk or original models such as ladder desks.

Create storage 

Whether wall mounted or placed on a piece of furniture, storage is essential for a workspace. You can gain height by investing the walls with beautiful shelves or colored lockers. As for office supplies, they can be stored in patterned boxes, glass jars or a basket.

Think of a nice decoration 

The aesthetic side is an important factor to feel good in your workspace. Invest in a designer lamp that will give character to the office, a plant for the green touch and a comfortable and stylish chair. Personal items like photos also help increase motivation.