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The Grand-Ducal Regulation of 20 January 1972 sets the scale of maximum commissions that can be invoiced by real estate agents

Art. 1st.

The maximum intermediary commission for the sale of buildings up to a sale price of 500.000 .- F is fixed at 15.000 .- F.

For sale prices that exceed 500.000, - F the maximum commission is set at 3% of the sale price.

The commission is the responsibility of the seller; no commission can be invoiced to the buyer.

Art 2.

Costs incurred by real estate agents for subdivision or development authorization may be added to the invoice in addition to any commission.

Art 3.

Commissions are payable only in the event of a sale; if the contract contains a suspensive clause, the commission is due only when the suspensive condition is met.

Art 4.

Real estate agents are prohibited from being remunerated through collecting the difference between the sellers requested sale price and the actual sale price.

Art 5.

The maximum commission for private and commercial rentals is set at one month's rent. This commission is either taken on by the owner or the tenant, depending on the agreement between both parties. It is also possible to divide the cost between the owner and tenant, without the total exceeding once month's rent. The commission is only due in the event of an agreed and signed rental.

Art 6.

It is forbidden to ask for commissions higher than those indicated in articles 1 and 5 as shown above.

Except for these commissions, no fees or costs may be invoiced to the seller or buyer of the real estate property, nor to the tenant or the owner of the property or building, with the exception of the costs listed in article 2.

Art 7.

VAT is not included in the fees and commissions listed above.

Art 8.

To ensure compliance with the above terms, sometimes commissions are required for services that real estate agents use when selling or renting a property. This must declared in a written contract, that must be duplicated and signed by both the real estate agent and their client.

Art 9.

Violations of this decree will be sought, prosecuted and punished, in accordance with the law of June 30, 1961, which among things has the purpose of reapplying and replacing the grand-ducal decree of November 8, 1944 creating an Office prices.

Art 10.

Our Minister of the National Economy is responsible for the execution of these regulations which will be published in the Memorial.