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Do It Yourself: make an outdoor sofa out of wooden pallets

Centerpiece for a successful garden furniture, the sofa becomes hippie chic by adopting the palette trend. Embellished with many colorful cushions for the cozy side, it will be the ideal ally for aperitifs with friends during the summer.

Today, we are going to learn how to make it yourself!

Necessary material

  • 9 pallets
  • 1 saw (ideally table saw)
  • sandpaper
  • glass wire
  • cutting pliers
  • a crowbar
  • a hammer
  • for the final decoration: thin foam mattresses and colored cushions 


Budget to forecast : around 250 EUR

Project duration : about a day


  1. To start, we position two pallets in the length and a perpendicular palette to create the angle of the sofa
  2. We attach the pallets together with wire and we repeat at each level without forgetting to attach the levels between them
  1. Before positioning the 3rd level, we modify the middle palette so that it can accommodate the back of the sofa in its small side. For this, take a slat and cut it to 75cm
  2. We then turn the pallet over and position the piece from 75cm to 19cm from the edge of the short side in the pallet and we screw
  3. The pallets of the last level are positioned, taking care to place the modified pallet in the middle with the modified side outwards
  1. We now attack the construction of the files: we cut a palette, keeping 3 slats as in the photo. We do the same with 2 other palettes. We put everything aside.
  2. With the crowbar, we remove all the pieces from the base to keep only the upper panel of the pallets and we knock down the nails with the hammer
  3. We get 2 slats that we cut to 75cm
  1. We then position the two slats cut on the back of the back in the middle of each half and we screw the pieces
  2. We now have a folder that we will insert at the back of the pallets by pressing on the first level thus creating the inclination, we repeat the operation for the second folder then we fix

The sofa is now finished!