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Housing estate "Auf dem Moor" in Ettelbruck

Detached single-family houses, semi-detached houses, semi-detached houses with garages and 2,71 to 8,66 land with permission for construction. Located in the city of Ettelbruch, which is located at a crossroads which connects the capital of Nordstad with the North of the country. The project site is directly accessed by the Michel Weber (C.R. 305) route.

AUREA Tower in Differdange

AUREA Tower in Differdange. A new 14-storey tower is being built in the urban landscape of the city of Differdange, next to the Opkorn shopping center. At the helm of the project, the firm Moreno Architecture & Associés. At 58 meters high and housing 138 apartments, the new Aurea residential tower, which is also on the…


"CHATHAM" RESIDENCES FOR SALE: 15 one-bedroom apartments, 1 two-bedroom apartments, 19 three-bedroom apartments, complete with balconies, terraces, indoor spaces, internal private areas, private cellars, lifts and close to the shops. All apartments are ENERGY CLASS A / B / A. Construction was in accordance with modern “low energy consumption” standards: * Energy saving class A * Thermal insulation class B * Environmental friendly class A…

City Concorde real estate information fair

From February 19 to 24, 2018, Dan Beck Immobilière and Serge Calteux Immobilière invite you to their 3rd Real Estate Information Fair at the city hall of Concorde. Come visit us and win one of many prizes !!

7 tips to modernize your kitchen

The kitchen is a room that deserves more attention to be friendly and inviting. Do you find yours to be a little sad, too rustic or just a bit old-fashioned? Then it is time to give it a makeover! Here are 7 simple ideas to give it a quick makeover. Start by repainting furniture to give a…

Work at home: Decoration tips for a comfortable work space

Everyday, more and more people are working from home. Working at home offers many advantages, in particular, the simple but important fact of being able to arrange your workspace to your own tastes. Choose either a warm and cosy atmosphere, or go for the opposite and having something that is strict, refined and designed to your needs. A well-thought out atmosphere will help to not only improve your concentration but also the quality of your work.

Do It Yourself: make an outdoor sofa out of wooden pallets

The garden sofa, is now often the centrepiece of garden furniture. Why not give your garden that hippie chic look with a wooden pallet sofa. Just add a splattering of colourful cushions to give it a cosy feeling that will make it the ideal place for an aperitif with friends during the summer. Today, we'll show you how to make your own wooden pallet sofa! All you need are 9 pallets, a 1 saw (ideally...

Indoor canopies: This year's Hyper-Trend

Inspired by artist workshops, the interior glass roof has become an essential element in the world of decoration. We can find it everywhere, especially on social networks. This confirms its status as one of this year's “hyper trends”. Both aesthetic and functional, this large glass surface can be installed to silently partition...

The connected home, a future revolution?

The connected home is no longer science-fiction. “We are at the dawn of a societal revolution. Thanks to modern technology, consumers will have better control over all aspects of their daily life and be able to choose better how to use their time at home. This is not another marketing promise, but a prediction by the American economist Jeremy…