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AUREA Tower in Differdange

AUREA Tower in Differdange

A new 14-storey tower appears in the cityscape of the city of Differdange, next to the Opkorn shopping center. In charge of the project, the Moreno Architecture & Associés firm.
58 meters high and housing 138 apartments, the new Aurea residential tower, which is also in charge of the Arboria district, the Opkorn shopping center and the development of the Chiers park.

The 14-storey tower will rest on a commercial base and present a facade with golden bars.

The Funicular Plateau is a major urban complex which
benefits from a clear, modern, fresh architectural design, part of a long-term sustainable commitment.
The use of renowned architects guarantees a harmonious and coherent whole where each occupant will benefit from a personalized arrangement, adapted to their use and their individual development.
The Funicular Plateau is attached to the Chiers Park, the subject of a major renaturation program and the creation of a vast area of ​​greenery and public games.


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